The Risks Of Not Upgrading Old Switchboards

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Switchboard Upgrades Sydney


Upgrading Home Switchboard, Electrical Switchboard Upgrades


Do you experience a circuit trip when you use a few appliances simultaneously? Does your switchboard have old-style fuses and visible wires exposed?



Need My Electrical Switchboard Upgraded, Sydney Switchboard Upgrades

(Dangerous Old Electrical Switchboard)

Have peace of mind knowing your family is safe when you call ‘CMK Electrical & Data’ for professional switchboard upgrades in Sydney.

Switchboard upgrades are extremely important for the safety of everyone that enters your home.

When it comes to switchboard upgrades, a lot of old houses and mansions have very old & aged wiring systems that are now obsolete and the switchboards function very poorly, especially when it comes to providing enough power supply for all the latest appliances and this can cause a lot of faults. People are unaware of the serious hazards that can prevail from this type of situation, due to the age of some of these old switchboards they are hardly equipped with sufficient electrical safety switches.

Modern switchboards are built to handle all the latest appliances and the amount of power that is required for these new age devices, these are just a few very important points that we can make to show you how imperative it is to get a new reliable switchboard upgrade for your house or workplace, at least you will have the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and sound.

Home Switchboard Upgrade, Home Switchboard Upgrade Sydney

Why Is A Switchboard Upgrade Or Installation Necessary For Your Home?

Today’s switchboards are fitted with highly sophisticated safety switches and automatic trip circuit breakers that cut the electricity instantly when an electrical fault occurs, this stops the risk of electrical wiring catching fire and burning down your house or even save somebody’s life from being electrocuted.

  • Old or aged switchboards are very prone to short-circuits – There is a very high chance of getting an electrical shock from an aged wiring system, if you do not want your family to live in a risky situation, then don’t put it off!! Get a Sydney switchboard upgrade. ‘CMK Electrical’ services all of Sydney and would be glad to give you a helping hand to take away any electrical risks around your home, there is no switchboard upgrades in Sydney we can’t handle.


  • The chances of the fuse base in old non compliant switchboard getting extremely hot and ‘frying up’ cables & wiring are very high, this can result into a house fire! So don’t put it off, the sooner you get the old switchboard upgraded the better. Here at ‘CMK Electrical & Data’ we would love to help you out by offering a very affordable quote, with a free call out if the job proceeds and for a small price to pay so you can guarantee the safety of your family and we will have the job completed in no time.


  • Remember replacing the switchboard will not only guarantee your family’s safety, but it will also save you a bucket load of money due to utilizing energy efficiency and in return will cut down your electricity bills quite significantly!!!


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