Overhead Services

As you might be aware, that all licensed electrician can handle internal electrical maintenance, repairs, safety inspections, & lighting installations, however not all electricians are authorised to work with the supply side of the electrical work such as Overhead Electrical Services, this is where ‘CMK Electrical & Data’ shines above the rest. CMK are certified Level 2 Electricians for Contestable Service Work and these services include installation, repairs and maintenance of the Overhead & Underground Lines between the customer’s premises & the Electricity Network.

Disconnection & Reconnection at the point of supply, Installing Electricity Meters & Energising the power are all special services that require in depth certification & accreditation.

Also, we can connect overhead service lines to the supply grid, move or improve overhead service lines, install and connect underground lines to that of the overhead point of supply and replace any service fuses, service active links and neutral links.

  • Relocate/upgrade an existing overhead service lines & restore supply when completed.
  • Installation & connection of overhead service lines up to the overhead supply system.
  • Replacement of service fuse, service active and neutral link.
  • Installation and connection of underground service lines up to the point of supply.