Sydney Hot Water

Do you have issues with your hot water in Sydney? Then you have come to the right place!

‘CMK Electrical & Data’ can take care of any problems or issues you may have, from the hot water heater that just won’t heat anymore to a Burst Tank.
We understand that people in need of hot water repairs are caught by surprise when their system fails and then all of a sudden you find yourself standing under a freezing cold shower. Hot Water Heaters have a habit of breaking down with no warning whatsoever, this is why our highly qualified Sydney Hot Water Repair & Sydney Hot Water Installations team are equipped and ready to carry out any service you require, with years of experience, knowledge & know how we have obtained.

We offer an extensive variety of hot water systems to the Sydney area to guarantee that you only get the best hot water solution for your home or workplace. The team at CMK are highly experienced in every facet of hot water system installations and repairs. CMK only offers the best in hot water systems, such as Dux and Bosch.

We are able to supply and install a variety of hot water systems, including:

Electric Hot Water Systems
Gas Hot Water Systems
Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
Solar Hot Water Systems

CMK Electrical & Data use trusted brands