Security CCTV and Alarms

Video surveillance/CCTV has become the leading ways to not only protect investments but also deter theft and vandalism. We offer everything from simple fixed cameras all the way up to full HD Color Security Camera Systems with tilt, pan and zoom abilities. CMK are able to custom design a system that not only meets your budget but also meets all your requirements.

Do you feel that your home or workplace need a layer of added protection. A security CCTV system allows for you to have constant vision of every corner of your home or workplace, it guarantees vision even when you are not present. An alarm system allows you to be notified of an attempt to break-in to your home or workplace, when combined with security CCTV your home or workplace is guaranteed to be protected. They also act as great deterrents, with the sight of cameras enough to deter most people. The electricians here at CMK are trained to install both types of systems, whether they be individual or combined with one another. Call us at any time for a quote and to find out when we can come out and help you.

Alarm System Installation

At ‘CMK Electrical & Data’ we have a commitment to your family and your safety needs to ensure that our alarm system Installations are of the highest quality, we can customise a security package to suit your home for maximum protection. Once we have found the perfect security solution for your house, we will organise a time & an available date to have one of our qualified technicians go to your house & install a state of the art security system.

Common Security & Alarm System Installations Sydney:

  • Fixed Security Camera Installation Sydney.
    Color HD Security Camera Installations Sydney.
    Motion Sensor Installation Sydney.
    Night Vision Surveillance Camera Installation.
  • Alarm System Installations Sydney.
    Residential Security System Installation.
    Commercial Security System Installation Sydney.
    Commercial Alarm System Installations.