Chandelier Installations

Whether it be functional or just aesthetic, CMK can install your chandelier. Are you thinking of selling or renovating your home? One of the quickest and most aesthetically pleasing upgrades you can implement in the interior of your home is a new chandelier. You can choose to install a chandelier in high traffic areas such as the entrance to your home or the dining room, this will undoubtedly boost the sale price of your home prior to sale. Or, it will definitely be the centre talking point when people come to our home. Call us at any time for a quote and to find out when we can come out and help you.

If you are looking at transforming a dull living area into a beautiful, bright & elegant room, that will have all your friends and family talking about it! Getting a Chandelier Installed is the way to go, however! Chandeliers are much heavier than any other form of lighting solution, so you must have a very secure support in the ceiling because if they come loose they can cause serious injury, so you must consider the weight of the chandelier that you wish to install.

When preparing to install a chandelier, they must be handled with extreme care as they are easily damaged. The wiring connection must be secured properly, eg, Centenary Wire & Hooks, so it is extremely important that you get a Chandelier Installed, Chandelier Removal or Chandelier Repair done by a qualified and fully trained expert.

‘CMK Electrical & Data’ are Qualified Local Electricians and provide professional Chandelier Installations, Removal & Repairs across the whole of Sydney, “We turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary”, Call Us Today & Speak To A Professional!

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