Data and Phone Lines

Here at ‘CMK Electrical & Data’ we are licensed electrical cable for us to install, repair data, phone lines & outlets.
We are professionals in the industry, we can do everything from repairs, Installation of phone cabling, connection of your data cables for offices or homes & MDF jumpering for ADSL internet.

Network cabling

We are able to track down faults & repair your faults within your network / data and phone line. WIFI isn’t as quick as direct cable connection, this is why it is better to organise your network cables throughout your office or home with cat6 wall plates, in return you can run network to all room with minimal wiring mess.

MDF Jumpering

All of our electricians are able to provide you with a reliable, fast & efficient MDF Jumpering Service to get your ADSL running as quick as possible, this is required to your house or apartment in some cases to ensure you can connect to the internet.

A Few Of Our Common Data & Phone Line Services Are:

  • Wire install ADSL internet
    Wire install data outlet
    Connecting up CAT6 cable points
  • Wire install network outlet
    Wire install phone outlet
    Cable Installs