Switchboard Upgrades and Repairs

When you are getting your switchboard repaired, upgraded or installed you should always get an experienced electrician because an inexperienced tradesperson will create more problems than it is worth. CMK carry out installs, repairs and upgrades on commercial, industrial and residential, so there is no job too big or too small. Older switchboards will increase the risk of electrical shocks & fires, older switch board fuses get hot joints this means the fuse must be replaced. Fuse wire switchboards are outdated and should be upgraded to a nice new modern switchboard before it causes major problems.

If you are getting your home renovated or getting all new appliances, the switchboard should deffinetly be the first on the agenda these older switchboards were not designed to cater to the high powered appliances that we have these days and are a lot more susceptible to fire and a lot of other hazards.

Over the years, CMK has been installing, upgrading and repairing residential, industrial and commercial switchboards for hundreds of clients in the Sydney area. Commercial switchboards are specifically complex in nature. A carefully designed commercial electrical switchboard will undoubtedly increase safety and decrease electrical downtime. No matter if you need to upgrade your switchboard to nullify electrical overloading, to install a new modern switchboard or to repair and already existing switchboard, CMK can handle your situation and tailor a solution to best help you. Call us at any time for a quote and to find out when we can come out and help you.