TV Antenna Repairs Sydney


Suffering from a pixelated picture, or experienced antenna damage during a severe weather event? Help is only a phone call away. CMK Electrical & Data provide a rapid response antenna repair service in Sydney, saving you money and resolving your issues FAST.

Domestic and Commercial TV Antenna Repairs and Service

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing poor TV reception, missing FTA channels and other antenna related issues. Utilising the latest diagnostic equipment, our team will quickly diagnose your problems before providing a cost-effective solution that will enable you to enjoy stable, consistent and crystal clear TV reception in Sydney all year round.

Our mobile electricians carry a range of spare parts on board their vehicles, and in most cases we can repair your antenna the very same day.

Reception Issues in Sydney – Solved Fast

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, with a population of more than 4.6 million people. With a large geographical area to cover, it is not uncommon for people to experience poor TV reception due to interference or interruption by other signals and environmental factors. This is especially true if you live nearby to a train line, electric fence, wind turbines, mobile tower or business district.

CMK Electrical and Data have in-depth knowledge of the Sydney area. We carry the latest diagnostic equipment and quality digital TV antennas to provide homes and businesses with the best possible reception no matter where you may be based. By testing for signal strength and interference, we can provide you with a cost-effective and straightforward solution that will drastically improve your free-to-air TV viewing experience.

Faulty TV Antennas and Common Reception Issues

Don’t try to diagnose reception issues yourself, leave this task to the experts at CMK Electrical and Data. As fully qualified and licensed electricians, we go to great lengths to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and long-term solution. There are many reasons why you may experience reception issues, with issues being caused by both your antenna itself (or componentry) as well as external factors. Utilising highly advanced diagnostic equipment, our team will quickly determine the extent of your issue.

Some of the most common issues we see include:

  • Antenna damage during severe weather events such as hail or dust storms
  • Animals and vermin chewing through cables or damaging antenna
  • Defunct TV points in need of replacing
  • Poor quality signal due to electromagnetic (RFI), building or environmental interference
  • Wind affecting the position of your antenna
  • TV setup incomplete/incorrect
  • Broken TV splitters/adaptors


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Rest assured that we have a solution for your TV reception concerns. Start enjoying all the great content that free to air digital TV has to offer, with flawless HD picture quality and crystal-clear sound.

Call CMK Electrical & Data now on 1800 772 758 for same-day antenna repairs in Sydney. We are the antenna experts, and we look forward to assisting you.