Smoke Alarm Installation

In Australia getting a Smoke Alarm Installation is a must, as it is one of the most crucial parts of a home.

Smoke Alarms are there to ensure your family or your tenants safety in the case of a fire, CMK Electrical & Data’ have a team of fully qualified smoke alarm installation technicians to service and check your smoke alarms, as a lot of smoke alarms just sit and gather dust because they are not working correctly. We ensure that you smoke alarms are fully operational and working properly.

Whether it be for your home or workplace, smoke alarms are always listed as one of the most crucial pieces of electronics needed to improve your safety and security. State and local governments typically insist on the tenants or owners of residential buildings and workplaces to install and maintain smoke detectors for better safety. Call our team here at CMK any time to have one of our qualified electricians look at your smoke alarms or to install new ones.